2017 February Orchid Show and Sale

Participating Societies:
Ann Arbor OS, Michigan OS, Saginaw Valley OS; Dunes/Kalamazoo OS, Michiana OS, Grand Valley OS

Individual Displays: Dennis Seffernick

Participating Vendors:
Hilltop Orchids (765-795-6016)
Littlefrog Farm (rob@littlefrogfarm.com)
Natt's Orchids (nattsorchids@nattsorchids.com)
New Vision Orchids (newvisionorchids@aol.com) (765-749-5809)
New World Orchids (newworldorchids@aol.com) (734-369-1776)
Orchid Inn (samtsui@orchidinnusa.com)
Porter's Orchids (orchidsuzi@aol.com)
Raising Rarities (Roger Zielinski)
Roberts Flower Supply (rfs@orchidmix.com)
Suphattra's Clay Flowers (joy@joyclay.com)
Windswept in Time

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