February 2012 Orchid Show and Sale
Participating Societies: Ann Arbor OS, Grand Valley OS, Michigan OS, Saginaw Valley OS; Dunes/Kalamazoo OS, Michiana OS, Three Rivers OS.

Individual Displays: WF Orchids, Mary Richardson, and Dennis Seffernick

Participating Vendors: Hilltop Orchids (765-795-6016); Michel Orchid Nursery (orchids@michaelorchid.com) (317-506-4640); Suphattra's Clay Flowers (joy@joyclay.com); Littlefrog Farm (rob@littlefrogfarm.com); Natt's Orchids (nattsorchids@nattsorchids.com) (630-904-0947); New Vision Orchids (newvisionorchids@aol.com) (765-749-5809); New World Orchids (newworldorchids@aol.com) (734-428-8182); Oak Hill Gardens (oakhillgardens@sprintmail.com) (847-428-8500); Orchid Inn (samtsui@orchidinnusa.com); Porter's Orchids (orchidsuzi@aol.com) (517-622-4188); Raising Rarities (Roger Zielinski); Roberts Flower Supply ( (rfs@orchidmix.com); and Windswept in Time (edgarstehli@sbcglobal.net) (440-838-5757), Owlyn Solutions for Growers (517-203-5070)

GLOS Displays photographed as not quite finished:

Art Section Class Awards

Art Trophy (classes 103 and 105) A. Kirsten Barton, acrylic on paper

Class 103: Drawing and Painting
First Place: Rebecca Stafford, acrylic; A. Kirsten Barton (second entry) acrylic on paper
Second Place: Susan Fernholz, oil; Maryann Nama Gamel WC; Maryann Nama Gamel (second entry), WC
Third Place: Young-Schill Roberts, WC; Jackie Borszich, WC; Francie Dittrich, Chinese WC
Honorable Mention Anita Saviko, WC; Vicky Silvernail, WC; Barb Stevens, WC on Yupo

Class 105: Other art (fabric, metal, ceramic, etc.)
First Place: Georgia Marvin, Original design needlework pillow
Second Place: Sarah Evans, Painted jewelry box and handmade jewelry; Joy Sloup, Clay flowers
Third Place: Paula Sage, copper metalwork

Photography Trophy (class 104 A and class 104B) Will Schultz, DVM Color photo on metal

Class 104 A. Color Photography
First Place: Will Schultz; Katie Payeur
Second Place: John Diephouse; Rebecca Case; Tammy VanderMolen
Third Place: John Diephouse
Honorable Mention: Philip Kao

Class 104B Monochromatic Photography
First Place: Shirley Owens
Second Place: Shirley Owens

There were 54 entries from 38 different artists and photographers in the art section classes. Two trophies and 24 ribbons were awarded.

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