February 2008 Orchid Show and Sale
This year marks the Society's 25th Orchid Show. It was dedicated to our founder, Jack Brechtelsbach.

Thanks to everyone who participated, helping make this event so successful.

Participating Societies: Ann Arbor OS; Central Ohio OS; Dunes/Kalamazoo OS, Grand Valley OS; Michiana OS, Michigan OS, Saginaw Valley OS; Three Rivers OS, NW Michigan OS. Participating Vendors: Green Acres Orchids (517-543-5670), Hilltop Orchids (765-795-6016), Hoosier Orchids (888-291-6269), Larry's Orchids (Purple Clay) (586-725-3721), Littlefrog Farm (rob@littlefrogfarm.com), Natt's Orchids (630-904-0947), New Vision Orchids (765-749-5809), New World Orchids (734-428-8182) Oak Hill Gardens (847-428-8500), Porter's Orchids (517-622-4188), Taylor Orchids (734-243-0180), and Zephyrus Orchids (Oldcastle, Ontario, 5 minutes from Windsor and 15 minutes from the Detroit/Windsor bridge crossing).

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