GLOS at Other 2006 Orchid Shows Photos/Reports

Grand Rapids

Show Report:

Marilyn Lee and Dot Potter Barnett set up the display, and they plus Jim Hellig disassembled it. We are pleased that the display received a second place ribbon -- there were four entries in this category.

Thanks to all who gave us plants:
Jan Szyren
Peter Ostund
Lynn O’Shaughnessy
Jerrie Nichols
Marilyn Lee
Brenda Kennedy
Jim Hellig
Renate de Zack
Bill Cadman
Julie Bishop
Dot Potter Barnett

Ribbons indicate the plant genus class, unless otherwise noted.
First Place - Blue:
Mediocalcar decoratum ‘Free Spirit’ -- Lynn
Den. spectabile  -- Dot
Den. spectabile (first bloom seedling) -- Dot

Second Place - Red:
Asconopsis Irene Dobkin 'York' HCC/AOS --  Peter
Burrageara Nelly Isler 'Swiss Beauty'  -- Marilyn
Dendrobium (Hawaiian Ministripe x Blue Twinkle)  -- Peter
Maxillaria Maui Sunset  -- Brenda
Oncidium Gower Ramsey  -- Renate
Phrag. Franz Glanz  -- Dot
Phrag. (pearcei ‘White Magic’ x Silver Eagle ‘Ghostly’)  -- Dot

Third Place - Yellow:
Burrageara Stefan Isler   -- Marilyn
Calanthe Rozel   -- Jan
Doritaenopsis Ho's Happy Auckland 'Song'   -- Bill
Doritaenopsis Sogo Vivien   -- Bill
Odcdm. Tiger Barb 'Plenty'  -- Renate
Phalaenopsis Nobby's Amy  -- Marilyn 
Potinara (Lc. Festival De Ouro x Low. Spitfire)  -- Dot
Psychopsis kramerianum x Oncidium lanceanum  -- Jim

Ann Arbor
Note the class trophy. The display was designed by Bill Cadman.



It takes a TEAM to put together an orchid society exhibit--planners, amateur artists, members with orchids in bloom and gophers to transport plants and to set up and take down the exhibit. It all came together for the Michiana Orchid Society show, November 11, 2006.
GLOS won first place for its society exhibit of 25 sq. ft. or less (competed with two others), and won two plant trophies, one arrangement trophy and a ribbon for every plant in the exhibit except one! Small can be beautiful.
Initially, Bill Cadman and Jerrie Nichols had good ideas but few plants. Bill located three of his smaller baskets and surveyed everything he had in bloom. Marilyn exhibited three small aesthetically pleasing flowers and Julie Bishop found a perfect match in her collection. With still very few plants an SOS went out to Pete Porciello hoping his awarded (Oct. 21) Paph. Larry Heuer was still holding. It was, and it made a fine statement. Pete also contributed cut orchids so Marilyn could make three orchid arrangements for the show. Finally, with the right number of orchid plants arranged to show each off at its very best, Marilyn mossed the baskets. Bill made out registration tags and made attractive and easy to read labels for 17 plants displayed in 3 baskets. Marilyn delivered the baskets to the show site in Notre Dame, IN and brought the exhibit back. Heartfelt thanks are extended to each contributor.

Ribbon Competition:

  • GLOS Display Blue
  • Julie Bishop Laeliocattleya Mini Purple White
  • Bill Cadman Cycnoches Robert Dickow Red
  • Bill Cadman Sophrocattleya Crystelle Smith Red
  • Bill Cadman Anacheilium cocheatum Blue
  • Bill Cadman Paphiopeddilum Hsinying Alien White
  • Bill Cadman Ascofinetia hybrid Blue
  • Bill Cadman Phalaenopsis Windson’s Sonnett ‘Cameo’ White
  • Bill Cadman Galeandra batemani Blue
  • Marilyn Lee Maxillaria caespitifica Blue
  • Marilyn Lee Phragmipedium Pink Panther Red
  • Marilyn Lee Sigmatostalix guatemalensis Blue & TROPHY
  • Pete Porciello Paphiopedilum spicerianum White
  • Pete Porciello Paphiopedilum Memoria Larry Heuer ‘Petey’ AM/AOS Blue & TROPHY
  • Pete Porciello Phalaenopsis King John Blue
  • Pete Porciello Phalaenopsis hybrid Red
  • Marilyn Lee Three floral arrangements White, Red, Blue & TROPHY


The Saginaw Valley Orchid Society Show Report - James Heilig

The Midland show was held in a new location: the Holiday Inn
GLOS members stepped up, in a time of year often lacking blooming orchids, to provide many beautiful blooming orchids for the society display, which garnered a second place in the 50 sq. ft. society class. A special thanks to Julie Bishop, Doris Asher, Jerrie Nichols, Pete Ostlund, Dot Potter Barnett, Jan Szyren, Dawn Kittle (who won her first ribbon, a 1st place on a Phal.), Renate De Zacks, Mo and Nell Veenstra, Bill Cadman, Marilyn Lee and Greg Filter for offering their plants to be included in the display. Congratulations to all those who entered plants in the show.

  • Doris Asher - Dendrobium Baby Blue ‘Carmela’ 3rd place
  • James Heilig - Phal Ho’s Green Waves X violacea 2nd place
  • James Heilig - Phal bellina 3rd place
  • Jerrie Nichols - Blc Ploenpit Golden Delight 3rd place
  • Jerrie Nichols - Darwinara Charm ‘Blue Star’ 3rd place
  • Pete Ostlund - Phal Porcelain Doll ‘Mendenhall’ 2nd place
  • Dot Potter Barnett - Paph chamberlainianum 1st place
  • Dot Potter Barnett - Paph bellatululm 2nd place
  • Dot Potter Barnett - Paph Angela 1st place
  • Jan Szyren - Calanthe Rozel 3rd place
  • Jan Szyren - Renantanda Herb Hager 3rd place
  • Dawn Kittle - Phal Malibu Bistro 1st place
  • Renate De Zacks - Dtps Hausermann’s Red Bird ‘Cardinal AM/AOS 1st place
  • Renate De Zacks - Aerangis biloba 2nd place
  • Renate De Zacks - Cattleya Chocolate Drop ‘Kodama’ AM/AOS 3rd place
  • Mo and Nell Veenstra – Bc Binosa 2nd place
  • Mo and Nell Veenstra - Brassavola cucullata 1st place
  • Bill Cadman - Bpl Fiftieth Anniversary 1st place
  • Bill Cadman - Phal amabilis 1st place
  • Bill Cadman - Milt Belvedere x Milt Star of Nuanu 2nd place
  • Marilyn Lee - Tuberolabium kotoense 1st and 2nd for first bloom seedling
  • Marilyn Lee - Maxillaria uncata 2nd place
  • Marilyn Lee - Epidendrum porpax 1st place
  • Greg Filter - Phrag Les Dirouilles 1st and 3rd for first bloom seedling
  • Greg Filter - Odcdm Tiger Crow 3rd place