The Calypso bulbosa orchid is the official flower of the Greater Lansing Orchid Society.

Study Group

The purposes for which the Society is organized are to create an awareness of orchid culture; to foster the preservation of native species of orchids; to support research and development of orchid culture; and to hold meetings, lectures, and exhibitions.

GLOS normally meets on the third Saturday during the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. 7:00 pm is the meeting hour, but come early to see what plants are available for purchase from our speaker-of-the-day and from other Members, and/or to bring plants to sell at our silent auction and raffle tables.

Our next meeting is March 18 at the Presbyterian Church in Okemos. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the meeting begins at 7:00.

Doris Asher, Judge Emeritus with the American Orchid Society, will moderate a free-wheeling discussion "What Is Your Problem?", where everyone can bring up whatever is bothering him or her orchid-wise. Join us! beginners and veteran orchid growers -- all are welcome.

Watch this space for special notices:

The GLOS Conservation Committee has a news page here.

In an attempt to offer our members more activities besides our regular meetings, GLOS occasionally has sessions on alternating months with special topics. Past topics here.
GLOS newsletter, the Calypso, is available for download from the Newsletter Page.

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GLOS Orchid Show 2016
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GLOS at Other Orchid Shows, 2007
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GLOS Orchid Show 2006
GLOS at Other Orchid Shows, 2006
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GLOS at Livonia & Ann Arbor, 2005
GLOS Orchid Show 2005
The GLOS 2004 Picnic

GLOS Orchid Show 2004

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